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Specialty Expertise

Bluestone Supply prides itself in offering a wide variety of specialty services that are guaranteed to keep our clients coming back for more. In this day and age when advanced technology is literally everywhere, people want to be provided with all their prescription and medication needs in the quickest and most efficient ways.

compounding medication

  • Online Prescription Refill Service
  • Online Prescription Transfer Service
  • Auto Refill Service
  • Compounding Medication
  • And more!

You may also talk with our highly qualified specialists concerning your prescription medication and the personalized care plans that would work best for you. Our pharmacists are always willing to ease your mind on healthcare matters that can sometimes cause you and your family some confusion.

If you seek the expertise of our pharmacists or any of our specialty services, don’t think twice about getting in touch with us right away. You may give us a call at 313-722-4878.

You may also fill out the form below to request for a pharmacist consultation.

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