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pharmacist handling a medicine tablet to a pharmacy customerWe understand that there are a lot of people who like to buy OTC or Over the Counter Drugs, that is why we provide a comprehensive selection of it for all our clients. We placed clear and understandable labels on every Over the Counter Drug bottle or packaging we have so that our clients can know about the drug’s indication, contraindication, dosage, method of administration, and even side effects before buying it.

When it comes to safety, we make sure that all of the medicines contain safety information which is understandable and easy to read. We recommend that before buying one, you should talk to your doctor or health care provider first.

Though the OTC medicine label placed in each of our OTC drugs are reliable and readable, we want to ensure that you know the information or details of the drugs first before buying from us. So if you need some help, we can assist you by calling us at 313-722-4878.

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